Speeding driver with camera jammer gets ban

A Porsche driver caught with a laser jammer to scramble speed cameras has become the first person to be banned from driving for using one.

The driver, Jamie Shreeve, 21, from Caister near Great Yarmouth, is only the second motorist in Norfolk to be prosecuted for using such a device and he’s the first in the UK to receive a driving ban as a result.

He received a 30-day ban when he was caught red-handed by police.

The action was welcomed by two Norfolk police offices, who have been cracking down on speed camera jammers since discovering them earlier this year.

Sergeant Geoff Bowers and PC Chris Harris first came across the devices when they pulled over a Porsche 911 Turbo in March and they’ve since discovered many more.

The gadgets are sold over the internet as ‘parking sensors’. They are wired up under the dashboard with an on/off switch and feature a small jamming device on the exterior of the car.

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