Insurance Tips

One of the biggest costs for drivers (especially new drivers) is insurance, so how can you keep the costs down?

Martin Lewis’ site, Money Saving Expert, has published a guide to saving money on insurance and you can read it here.

There is also a section specifically aimed at cheaper insurance for young drivers here.

While you are learning, you can get specialised learner insurance through Collingwood Insurance, quoting the discount code 336723 for even better deals. ¬†Collingwood deal with short term policies for learner drivers from 7 to 24 days – this will often work out far more cost effective than just getting added onto a parent’s insurance policy (which would normally be charged for the whole duration of the policy, i.e. up to a full year).

If you have found a great insurance policy, either as a learner, or as a newly qualified driver, please leave details in the comments below, and please share this post to help your friends find better insurance deals.


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