One question I often get asked is “Where can I get cheap insurance?”  The trouble is, as a learner or new driver, you probably won’t get cheap insurance, but you can get it fairly cost effectively if you shop around.

For a while now I’ve recommended Collingwood Insurance who do short term learner-specific policies, so you can take out short term insurance cover whilst learning (say, for 4 weeks, or 3 months, etc) rather than going on Mum or Dad’s insurance where you’d be paying a sum for the whole year.  As such this can work out much cheaper.  Don’t forget to use the discount code 336723 if you speak with them.

One of my students recently found another great deal.  While searching he came across a company offering similar short term deals to Collingwood – Marmalade Insurance – before settling on something I’ve not come across before.

A-Choice offered him a deal where the insurance premium is set through the life of the policy.  What this means is that he pays the same each month, even after he passes his test.  Normally you can find cheaper insurance while you learn, with the price sky-rocketing after you pass (obviously as you are now driving on your own for the first time and, therefore, a higher risk).  Whilst the initial payments aren’t as cheap as they could otherwise be, the policy works out cheaper in the long run and also includes another benefit – he is starting to build up his No Claims Discount immediately, something which, in my experience, is quite unusual – normally a new driver would need to drive for a year before they start accruing NCD, so this is well worth looking at.

If you’ve come across any other good deals for learners / new drivers, please comment below or email me at


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